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Get maps
from pixels

Accelerate your workflow using our imagery analysis platform with its instant access to the major satellite imagery providers

Detect and analyze real-world objects in Earth Observation imagery in large scale

We integrate with leading data providers to supply you with accurate and up-to-date satellitte imagery

  • Buildings

    Extract building footprints enriched with semantics such as the building type, height and population

  • Forest monitoring

    Vegetation mapping and classification by height for forestry and utilities monitoring applications

  • Construction detection

    Locate construction sites and classify development by state. Monitor dynamics from a specific site to a whole city area

  • Road extraction

    Extract and classify roads to analyze and produce navigation maps

  • Agriculture fields

    Extraction and delineation of agriculture fields in free Sentinel imagery and high-resolution satellite imagery

Use cases

Find out how Mapflow is used by our clients and partners

Population density maps

Countrywide dataset of detailed urban and population density maps was implemented into analytical workflow around disasters risk assessment. At the implementation phase our clients used Mapflow algorithms to detect buildings and their heights in residential areas. This allowed them to create a custom dataset distributing the population proportionately to the capacity of buildings in the spatial grid cell

At Kontur we provide geospatial solutions for risk management using open data and extractions from satellite images. Geoalert helps us optimizing the mapping costs where the open data is limited or incomplete.

Darafei Praliaskouski, Head of Product

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